Silecone Membership Terms & Conditions


Products we designed, under developpment or new products not sold yet on the market.


(Only accepted members can access these products. To become a member, you must be wholesaler, superstore or a store chain selling kitchenware products and fill a form. To register, click on the VIP space on the top page, then click on "VIP Only.")


NEW : Exclusive rights !


We guarantee exclusive sales rights for these products for the 1st buyer for each country, for a 5000 pcs order.


This exclusivity is granted for 5 administrative region/province (choosed by the buyer in his country), and is effective for 3 months. This first buyer shall automatically be granted the renewal of this sales exclusivity for another 3 months on the same territory, on the condition that a new 5000 pcs order has been passed before expiry of the exclisivity period.

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