About silicone

Silicone resin is mainly made from silicon material, a compound that is found in  rocks, in the sand, from which it is extracted. It is the most common element on Earth besides Oxygen. It is used in a wide range of industrial products, from the beginnings of civilization (making of glass) to the latest technologies (computer ships). This substance is non-toxic. (which is why it is authorized by the FDA for breast implants), contrary to many other materials used to make kitchen utensils, whose chemicals finally ends in tiny bits in your plate with wear...



Also, it's release in nature is non-toxic to the environment. It is stable, durable, unbreakable, recyclable, multi-use (it can be used as well in the freeze as in the oven, the microwave, or the dishwasher). In short, all these advantages contribute to prolong the life of silicone products, and  since any purchase always causes some kind of pollution, through its manufacture and transport process, every time you choose a silicone product over a conventional product, it makes a difference in minimizing your impact on the environment and preserve it.



Besides silicon, and a few products used for it's transformation into silicone resin, we also add additives. They give you these nice colors to your products. All color additives are strictly checked and certified for use in food contact (FDA and LFGB testing and certification), to ensure that if a small amount was to  accidentally gets one day in your plate, it would be without harm for your health. The silicone is finally cooked on site at high temperature for several hours in order to ensure it is pure.