Quality by Silecone

In order to protect consumers, the European Union enforces as of the toughest regulations in the world regarding manufactured and imported goods.


Our factory definitely approves the choice of quality:

- We get our materials from the best silicone resin and colors additives producers, whose products have passed certification process.

- We bake our products at the end of the fabrication process during 4 hours at 200° Centigrade,  in order to achieve a high degree of purity in our product composition (it vaporizes all volatile elements that could otherwise migrated from the silicone products to the food while cooking, such as small quantities of catalyst we use in the process.)

- We have obtained since 2007 the ISO 9001:2000 certification, which insure the respect of a number of  quality management  processes.

- We make sure all our products pass FDA and LFGB tests.

iso9001:2000 LFGB BV-TEST FDA
certification - ISO9001:2000 - 2/2
certification - LFGB - LFGB(Chan-Si).pdf(387k)
certification - BV-TEST - BVTEST report(Chan-Si).pdf(1.1M)
certification - FDA